Eggs Benny!

Eggs Benny!

Another Wonderful Dish by @thebrindlebiscuit made with Kibble Drizzle™!

Today’s bowl is inspired by Eggs Benedict 🍳
Raw meals for doggos can be fun too 🤤

🥯 English Muffin
🥩 @healthmuttshfx Nük Off the Hook Patty
🥚 Poached Egg

Hollandaise Sauce:
🧋 @chowtimepetfoods Kibble Drizzle, mixed with
🥥 @theculturedcoconut Organic Coconut Kefir
🥛 @healthmuttshfx Freeze-Dried Colostrum
🌊 @healthmuttshfx Organic Kelp
🍠 Organic Turmeric

🌿 @healthmuttshfx Greens, Eggs & Ham Food Synergy


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