Every 1-6 months, or annually, receive a Drizzle Box that includes a 6-Pack of Kibble Drizzle™ variety, surprise treats from local businesses, and more!

A 6-Pack of Kibble Drizzle™ delivered when you want it.

Each box contains surprise treats from local businesses to provide you with bonus value on every order and keeping things exciting for your pup.

Ensure Your Dogs Health With a Variety of All-Natural Sauces

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What is Kibble Drizzle™?

All-Natural Meal Topper

What is Kibble Drizzle™?

All-Natural Meal Topper

Kibble Drizzle™ is an all-natural meal topper designed to enhance flavour and nutrition in every bite. Featuring a well-rounded selection of meats and veggies, Kibble Drizzle is a healthy and flavourful addition to every meal!

Improve Your Pup’s Meals In Seconds 

Provide a Nutritious Boost of Flavour

Ensure Your Dogs Health With Vet-Approved Recipes

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Sweet Dreams

When it comes to how often dogs dream, apparently size matters. Small dogs tend to dream more often during one night (with a new dream about every ten minutes) than large dogs.
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Live by the Nose.

It is said that a dog who has lost its sense of smell is no longer a dog.
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The nose knows!

Increase the nose in bowl time, magnify the experience!