What's in your bowl?

What's in your bowl?

@thebrindlebiscuit is a genius when it comes to deliciously healthy meals for pups. Check out Biscuit's page on Instagram and see the ingredients below!

Today’s bowl is full of nutrition🧉

In the mix:
🥩 @healthmuttshfx Nük Off the Hook Patty
🎣 @healthmuttshfx (1/4) Tripe & Sardine Patty
🫐 Blueberries
🥕 Puréed Carrots
💧 Flaxseed Oil
🐠 @healthmuttshfx Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen
🫑 @healthmuttshfx Buddy’s Blend Booster
🍃 Ground Hemp Hearts
🌾 Ground Black Chia Seed
🦴 @healthmuttshfx Mutton Bone Broth & Spirulina
🍚 Psyllium Husk, from @planetpawsdartmouth
🍄 @adoredbeastapothecary Myco-Biome Chaga Mushrooms Vitality Supplement, from @healthmuttshfx
🥛 @healthmuttshfx Freeze-Dried Colostrum

Topped off:
🍓 Fruit Blend - Strawberries, Coconut, Banana, Apple, Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seed
🥚 @healthmuttshfx Quail Egg
🦪 @healthmuttshfx Freeze-Dried Scallop
🐟 @healthmuttshfx Sardine
🥥 @theculturedcoconut Organic Coconut Milk Kefir (from @planetpawsdartmouth), mixed with
🧋 @chowtimepetfoods Kibble Drizzle


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